Build a better world

At Metro Pacific Health, we are dedicated to sustainable development, weaving the fabric of our operations with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Whether you're a patient seeking care, an employee shaping our future, or a partner in our endeavors, every interaction with us propels the shared mission of fostering a brighter tomorrow.

Our pledge extends beyond mere promises. We actively contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on impactful initiatives aligned with the following SDGs focus areas:

Sustainability Report 2022

2022 marks a milestone as we officially integrate environmental and social metrics into our business and operational strategies. The adoption of a new name and tagline for the network has renewed our patient-centricity; while new departments for elevating standards, a ‘balanced scorecard,’ and a novel rewards system signal how much we value our own personnel. Collaboration is now at the heart of MPH’s mission, vision, and values, and with new compliance policies alongside a third-party risk management policy, our organization has grown stronger. Initiatives that reduce our network’s environmental impact have deepened our regard for the planet. And finally, the expansion of our services and the broadening of our CSR initiatives prove our concern for the community we are part of.

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In Dialogue with our ESG Committee Chairman

One may ask why a private company like MPH has taken the time and resources to submit a sustainability report, even if it is only required of publicly listed companies. The answer lies in two of our corporate values - integrity and good stewardship. 

In our mission to deliver accessible and sustainable quality healthcare services, we strive to remain worthy of the trust of our stakeholders by conscientiously using the resources entrusted to us, empowering the communities we serve, and ultimately, doing the right thing.

Our principal institutional shareholders - Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) and GIC Private Ltd. - are leaders in promoting ESG principles in their portfolio companies, irrespective of their status. Why should MPH be any different? 

At MPH, we go the extra mile to enable a healthier Philippines. Inspired by our parent companies, we want to hold ourselves even more accountable for the impact of our company’s actions and decisions on society. 

As the largest private hospital group in the Philippines, we take to heart the steps required to be taken towards a healthier world for Filipinos. As such, beginning with this report, we voluntarily and publicly declare our sustainability goals, strategies, and accomplishments, as well as our challenges and obstacles. 

This sustainability report is more than a compliance requirement. It represents our commitment to transparency and disclosure. It reflects our concrete steps to raise the bar from “doing no harm” to “doing good”. As we pursue sustainable business growth, we developed our sustainability framework and roadmap to guide us in creating and implementing our strategies. Our value creation is upheld by the Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars. 

Recognizing that improving people’s health is just one aspect of creating a better society, MPH is committed to carrying out its business operations with a clear focus on sustainability. This year, we reinforced our commitment to responsible resource use and endeavored to apply best practices. We continued our programs for water conservation, control of material consumption, emission control, and waste management. 

Alongside pursuing our business objectives, we strive to come up with local solutions that are responsive to the unique circumstances of the markets and help address the global problem of climate change, social inequality, and corporate governance. 

In all instances, we shall consider the interests of our stakeholders, broadly defined, and plant a stake in the ground by clearly articulating where we stand and what we will do to improve their lives in ways that we are best equipped to. 

You may count on this view from us going forward. We will continue what we started this year and endeavor to come up with more sustainability strategies that will propel our company toward a better tomorrow for all our stakeholders. 

ESG Chair Dennis Montecillo